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We welcome you! Located near Z├╝rich, this is where we produce paints for architecture using more than 120 raw pigments. Our paints are so exclusive that we include a certificate of authenticity with each order of 1 kg and more.

Unique pigments

distinguish our paints. The quality of ultramarine blue we use is produced only once every few years. We purchase the entire batch when it is. And once we had sourced ivory black, our Prussian blue had run out. It took us more than a year to find more. We are continually on the lookout for our rare pigments.

With a nod to Le Corbusier

Back in 2000, our development of modern formulations for the colors Le Corbusier used in his architecture made us famous. Even the New York Times featured our work. Our palette of 81 colors based on Le Corbusier references grew steadily. Today we hand-craft 225 paint colors designed by various architects. Each color has its own design history. 

A note on ecology

People talk about our paints because they are so rich, harmonic and beautiful. We also set environmental standards. We have many all natural paints and our mineral-based paint selection is unmatched. Complete listings of our ingredients are available upon inquiry. We believe that transparency is important.

Handmade samples

Color prints cannot capture the beauty of our colors. Just as each batch of paints is manufactured by hand, so too are our color samples.

Our concept

is comparable to that of a crowned restaurant: Innovative, exclusive ingredients, elaborate recipes, time-consuming production, unsurpassed quality. And hand-craftsmanship all the way.

Visible differences

The quality of our paints and color publications can be seen and experienced. Our whites sparkle like snow, and shadows are colored rather than gray. Dark shades are as rich and resounding as baritone music. The larger the surface, the more remarkable the effects.

Color design seminars

Color is a material. And material aspects determine overall success in color design. We train color designers to increase their knowledge: What makes ultramarine blue so special, which white shade is ideal, or where to use dark shades, for instance.

Color consulting

Which paint color works with a light source? Where is it best to change from one color to the next? Our  color experts will help you decide. On Wonderful Wednesday in the afternoon we offer free consultations in Uster. For advice at other times or on site, please request a quote.

On being fortunate

Being fortunate means wanting to be what you are and nothing beyond  that. We are fortunate - each one of us individually and our manufactory collectively.